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Helpful hints for parents

In this section, you will find resources to support you in helping your child to learn. We will gradually add to this section. If you know of any really helpful resources that other parents might find handy, just give us a ring and we'll add them here.


When I'm listening to my child read, what do I do when they come across a word they don't know?

This brief brochure steps you through supporting your child in this situation.

Pause, Prompt, Praise (PDF 378KB) 

When I need to prompt my child, what questions can I ask?

When you prompt your child, you are cueing them into aspects of the text that will help him work out what the unknown word is. This next document is a series of questions or cues you can ask your child to help him work out the unknown word. Don't rush straight into "sounding out". Many words in English can't be sounded out. You don't need to use all the questions here each time your child comes across a word he cant read. Start with "Think", then "Look", the "Listen".

If you need more explanation of these strategies, just pop into school and ask your child's teacher for some help.

Printable Cue Cards (DOCX 1128 KB)