Cambridge Park Public School

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Cambridge Park Pre School

ACECQA rating: Exceeding 

Our preschool is part of the school community. It is controlled by the Department of Education (DoE) which provides the building, its facilities and employs the teaching personnel.

The teachers are specially trained in Early Childhood Education so they have well planned programmes to help your child in all areas of his/her development. Teachers observe all experiences and record individual development so that each child’s particular needs and interests are met.

The environment is caring, stimulating and a non-threatening place for your child/children to belong, be and become.

2019 Quality Improvement Plan

QIP 2019


Our Classes

We have two classes of 20 children. Each class has an early childhood teacher and a full time school learning support officer. The ratio for preschool aged students is one adult for every 10 children.

Hours of operation

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday morning class: 9am - 3pm (Mon & Tues) 9am -11:30am (Wed)

Wednesday afternoon, Thursday and Friday class: 12:30pm -3pm (Wed) 9am -3pm (Thurs & Fri)


$15 per full day and $7.50 per half day  

Location and Parking

You can access our preschool from the either the front of the school on Oxford Street  (all day) or the back of the school on Barlow Street (before 9.15am and after 2.45pm). Please be aware of the school speed and parking zones when driving near the school. Please note the car park located at the rear of the school is for staff parking only and pick up of special needs students by special transport.

The preschool gate will be locked between 9.15am and 2.45pm.

If you need to access the preschool during these hours please proceed to the front office of the school. This includes the pick-up and drop off of children on Wednesday half day.

Our Vision

At Cambridge Park Public School genuine learning partnerships are nurtured through respectful relationships between students, staff, families and community members. Our learning partners are recognised and appreciated for their valuable contributions. Learner–centred experiences are provided in an innovative, flexible and engaging learning environment. We recognise and cater for student diversity and aim to build confident, resilient and self–directed learners. Life–long learning is achieved through high expectations of all, with an emphasis on the creation of high quality literate and numerate learners. We have a focus on early action and building fundamental skills for learning in the early years of education.


Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is a living document that is created by those involved within the preschool and school community. It will change and grow with our preschool. Our philosophy is underpinned by core Principles, Practices, and beliefs in how children grow develop and learn. We value the collaboration and partnerships with children, families, educators, the school and broader community, and outside agencies/support services.


We want children to feel safe, secure and always welcome so they feel a sense of belonging.

Children are unique and bring with them different life experiences, needs and levels of development.

We believe that children are equal and capable learners.

Each child’s social and cultural background is acknowledged and respected.

The child will be exposed to open-ended experiences that allow them to learn, explore their environment and establish their own identities.

The opinions of children are sought, heard and acted upon. We include the children in relevant decision-making processes and reflection, giving them an agency in their learning.


We see the environment as the third educator that is always challenging, stimulating, allow children to conduct their own enquiries, ask questions and investigate possible answers.

It will be safe, clean and aesthetically pleasing.

The program fosters respect, care and engagement with the natural environment, incorporating sustainable practices in all areas.

We provide an environment that encourages children to engage in appropriate and meaningful literacy and numeracy and STEAM experiences through play.

Early Years Learning Framework and

National Quality Framework:

 We are guided by the elements of the EYLF - Belonging, Being and Becoming.

 We follow EYLF principles and the National Quality Framework is embedded in our practices.


Educators are respected and valued members of our working team.

It is important for Educators to foster tolerance and understanding through daily practices.

Educators will advocate for children’s rights, always ensuring they are safe.


Experiences provided will be holistic, intentional and spontaneous learning through play based on children’s interests and ideas.

All children will have the opportunity to develop the skills needed for lifelong learning as they transition to the school community.

The program fosters respects for children’s individual learning styles and provides children with challenging opportunities, which involve risk taking, and challenges.

Educators engage in critical reflections of practices to help support children’s learning and development.

We implement the Munch and Move program to support the health and wellbeing of the children.